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Where to Buy


Available exclusively at PlaceMakers

Airbow products are available exclusively at PlaceMakers stores throughout New Zealand – please use the PlaceMakers store finder to find a store near you.

PlaceMakers Product SKUs

Product Description Airbow Part # PlaceMakers SKU #
Airbow Framer ABF-1000 4571999
Airbow Concrete ABC-1000 4571997
Airbow Compressor High Pressure 300BAR Quick Fill HPC-1000 4913429
Airbow Compressor High Pressure 300BAR without Donor Tank HPC-1010 4913430
Tuxing High Pressure Compressor 300 BAR for Airbow Tools TXES012M 4572001
Airbow Framer NO MAR TIP 3 PACK ABF-1042 4572000
Airbow Compressor 5L Bottle 300BAR Fill Whip HPC-1050 4913431
Airbow Compressor Lubricant Syringe HPC-1060 4913432
Airbow Crew Kit (Airbow Compressor, 3 x Airbow Framers) KIT-1000 4913433