Powered by air

Powered by air.

When we considered the challenges this nail gun would rise up against, it was clear to us that only one fuel source would do. The AIRBOW® FRAMER is untethered and draws its power from the air like never before. The revolutionary new system is made possible by HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY®, which allows the gun to effectively transform one gram of compressed air into serious power to drive the nail home each and every time.

The AIRBOW<sup>®</sup> ecosystem

The AIRBOW® ecosystem

The AIRBOW® FRAMER has an efficient refill process that’s all in a moment’s work. Top up your gun’s air supply by clicking the gun’s valve into a high pressure air compressor. From empty, air is transferred into the gun in 10–20 minutes or less, depending on your compressor. The gun is now full, ready for rapid and continuous firing. With each trigger pull, the used air escapes back into the atmosphere, no harm done.

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No batteries. No fuel cells.

Saying no is now an option

No butane fuel cells. No lithium batteries. The AIRBOW® FRAMER doesn’t use them, because it doesn’t need them.

Designed and developed in New Zealand

Two minds, one innovation

The AIRBOW® FRAMER is here thanks to a hard-earned innovation, designed in New Zealand by builders and engineers who weren’t satisfied with current nail gun technology. Find out more about HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY® here.

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