The new era of pneumatic power.

Engineering is a national obsession in New Zealand. We are a nation of problem solvers who won’t rest until we find the best answer. Some call it Kiwi ingenuity; others call it sheer bloody-mindedness. However you look at it, the excitement of embracing a challenge, taking it apart piece by piece, and then inventing a beautifully simple solution is fused to our DNA.

When a team of Kiwi engineers took on the challenge of finding a better and more sustainable way to power untethered hand tools, they harnessed the pioneering spirit that has fuelled so many New Zealand-born, world-changing discoveries. The result is HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY®, a revolutionary and sustainable power system that’s relevant to a broad spectrum of industries.

Mechanical simplicity

HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY® involves a special valve actuation system that uses a small number of mechanical components. The system directs a single breath of compressed air into a single impact point, then it returns that breath of air to the atmosphere.

Debut product for the construction market

AIRBOW® FRAMER is the debut product to use HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY®. This breakthrough tool offers huge advancements in builder productivity, ergonomics, safety and servicing.


The serious power harnessed by HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY® allows the same compressed air source to be utilised to drive home concrete nails and will become a revolutionary force in the industry.

Applicable to a broad range of industries

The HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY® compressed air power system has applications across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including construction, farming, horticulture, automotive, robotics, marine, and aviation. Because HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY® is a non-combustion power system, it’s ideally suited for use within the oil and gas industry.