Built for professionals

Built for professionals.

The AIRBOW® FRAMER is a chiseled, 100% air-powered machine with consistent nail-driving power that works first time, every time. With no onboard electronics and an IP56 rating, the AIRBOW® FRAMER performs in the rain, allowing projects to progress in all weather conditions. Because it runs on just compressed air it can’t overheat and won’t let you down. Fire nails all day with ease, stick to tight schedules, deliver to the customer on time. Doing more with less is now easier than before.

Ergonomically designed and superbly balanced

An extension of your arm.

The AIRBOW® FRAMER is ergonomically designed and superbly balanced, which combined with low kick back reduces the impact on your body. The tools you use everyday should support your body, not damage it.

Low Noise, Clean Energy, No Combustion Emissions, Site Safety

Better for you.

Clean energy, low noise and no combustion emissions are your new normal.

Compatible with a wide range of collated nail brands

Your choice.

Take control of your cost structure and have the freedom to purchase 34° D Head paper-collated nails from a wide range of brands. View the list of nail brands we’ve tested.

Independence and freedom

Independence and freedom.

You get both with the AIRBOW® FRAMER. No bundled butane fuel cell & nail packs required.


Rain or shine.

When there’s work to be done, the AIRBOW® FRAMER can still fire nails safely in the rain.

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