AIRBOW High Pressure Air Compressor

Airbow High Pressure Air Compressor

The next generation compressor, the Airbow High Pressure air compressor is coming soon. The Airbow design team have been hard at work designing a compressor that meets the demands of Airbow users and construction sites. As a team, we have taken on board the feedback we received from customers around the Tuxing compressor and used this to design and develop the optimal air supply solution.

Rapid Fill

The Airbow High Pressure air compressor has its own built in accumulator tank. This means you can fill your Airbow tool in just seconds! Just connect your tool to the hose and open the compressor valve – your tool will be filled in no time at all. Once you have disconnected, just turn the compressor on to refill the accumulator tank. This means the number of nails a tool can fire in a day is not limited by tool refill time. You can go all day and your air supply won’t slow you down.

Multiple Tools

Because of the on-board accumulator tank, you can rapid fill two or three tools directly after one another – no waiting. By the time you need some more air, the accumulator tank will be full again.

Better yet, the Airbow High Pressure compressor will also support future Airbow construction tools like the concrete gun. Your investment in an Airbow compressor is an investment in a high-pressure air future.

Built for construction sites

Your Airbow High Pressure air compressor has been designed with construction sites in mind. It has a strong tubular metal frame and is completely enclosed to minimise the opportunity of damage either on the construction site or during transport. It has robust wheels and a retractable handle to allow the user to easily move it around site.

Low Maintenance

The Airbow High Pressure compressor comes with its own on-board cooling so there is no longer a need for a bucket of water. This makes site set up and use a simple operation – it is effectively plug and play. And because it uses a special EP grease lubrication system, there is no need to fill with oil (or do oil changes) – a simple half turn of a handle after each day of use is all that is required to maintain lubrication. This is a no fuss tool that will give you 100s of hours or reliable use.

Free Fuel for life

Because your compressor is your fuel source, you can say goodbye to butane fuel cells and the waste they create. You can say goodbye to replacing expensive lithium Ion batteries. Just plug your Airbow tool into the Airbow compressor and you have fuel in seconds, and it’s just good, clean air!


Because we recognise that you don’t need more noise on site, we have designed the Airbow compressor to operate quietly, just like your Airbow tool. You’ll hardly even know it’s running.

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