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Airbow Framer
A punch of fresh air

Developed in New Zealand, the Airbow® Framer is a 100% air-powered, portable, cordless framing nail gun with consistent nail-driving power that works first time, every time. It has no onboard electronics and an IP56 rating, so you can make progress in all weather conditions.

Key Benefits

A new era of air-powered nail guns.

Get your hands on an Airbow Framer, fire a nail and you’ll immediately understand how this portable, cordless pneumatic nail gun can improve your daily work life. Driven by the needs of builders working closely with engineers to solve construction site problems that have been around for decades.

100% air-powered.

No electronics, no batteries, no cords, no butane, no waste and a 10-second quick charge.

Site safety.

With low noise, no combustion emissions or explosives, superb balance and low kick back, your health and safety goals are fully supported.


Fire nails safely in rainy, muddy, dusty and sandy conditions to keep projects on track. Works efficiently in temperatures from -10°C to 55°C (14 – 131ºF).

Cost conscious.

The air that powers the Airbow Framer is effectively free1 and you can choose from a wide range of collated nail brands to keep costs down.

Builder using Airbow Framer in rain
Builder using Airbow Framer in rain
Builder using Airbow Framer in rain


The endurance athlete of the building site.

Because of the way it’s designed, your Airbow Framer will spend less time out-of-action and more time firing nails.

An extension of your arm.

This cordless nail gun doesn’t tip forward. It draws the centre of gravity lower, into the palm of the hand, to create balance and an extremely comfortable firing experience.

Low maintenance.

The Airbow Framer needs no self-servicing or cleaning. There’s no carbon build up or risk of sawdust clogs, which means fewer breakdowns or forced services.

Easy on your ears.

From the first shot you’ll hear the difference. The Airbow Framer is significantly quieter than similar butane-fuelled tools.

Kind to your body.

Through smart design, the Airbow Framer has low kick-back to reduce impact on your wrists, shoulders and elbows.

Holding the Airbow Framer


Built for professionals.

New Zealand builders’ frustrations solved by Hammerforce Technology, the Airbow Framer represents the future of nail guns:

Airbow Framer with air flowing through

  • 100% air-powered
  • Built for consistent driving into LVL framing
  • Portable
  • Weatherproof
  • Low operating costs
  • Zero emissions
  • Low kick-back
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick air refilling
  • Certified to international standards

  • Comfortably operates between -10° and 55° C (14° and 131° F)
  • Use any 34° D Head nails
  • No electronics
  • No hoses or cords
  • No batteries
  • No combustion system
  • No overheating
  • No carbon build-up
  • No butane fuel cells


Watch the Airbow Framer in action.

Click the images below to see how the Airbow Framer performs and hear what builders are saying about it.


Powered by Hammerforce

World leaders in the field of high-pressure air technology, Hammerforce engineers are responsible for Airbow’s remarkable power and performance.

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1: The Airbow Compressor is an electric power tool and consequently does incur electricity costs. This is the only cost involved in generating high-pressure compressed air fuel for your Airbow Tools.