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Airbow Concrete
Conquers concrete and steel

100% air-powered, Airbow® Concrete puts more hours into every day by firing drive pins into 50MPa+ concrete and 10mm+ steel, rapidly, consistently and safely. Developed in New Zealand and powered only by high-pressure air, it’s cordless and requires no power adjustment as you transition from one material to another or one drive pin length to another.

Key Benefits

Concrete fastening made easy.

As you move from concrete to steel and back to concrete, the Airbow Concrete nailer is your reliable partner that does the job quickly and without complaint. It’s big and strong in your hands, yet ergonomically balanced for safe, low-recoil handling.

100% air-powered.

No electronics, no batteries, no cords, no powder charges and a 10-second quick charge.

No adjustment required.

Consistently drives 35-100mm drive pins into concrete or steel with no need for adjustment to achieve optimum drive depth. Switches between single and collated fasteners with no tools required.


Fire nails safely in the rain to keep projects on track. Dirt, sand and other construction site issues are not a problem.

Safer on site.

With less noise, low recoil, no harmful fumes, no explosive powder charges and no deposits that have to be cleaned off, your health and safety goals are fully supported.

Builder using Airbow Concrete
Builder using Airbow Concrete
Builder using Airbow Concrete


Big, but light on its feet.

Tools that fire concrete drive pins need to be tough and powerful, but they should also feel balanced and solid in your hands.

Power and control.

Recoil after firing is minimised, to decrease the impact on your body and reduce the risks of repetitive strain injury.

Thrifty to run.

Runs on air, which is free.1 Compatible with a wide range2 of drive pin brands, so you can shop around for great value.

Holding Airbow Concrete


A builder’s secret weapon.

Driven by the needs of builders in New Zealand and brought to life by Hammerforce, Airbow Concrete is a breakthrough for concrete fasteners:

Airbow Concrete

  • 100% air-powered
  • Compatible with a wide range of individual or collated drive pins2
  • Weatherproof
  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal recoil
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick air charging
  • Up to three collations per quick charge
  • Comfortably operates between -10° and 55° C (14° and 131° F)
  • Switches between single and collated fasteners with no tools required

  • No powder charges
  • No adjustment needed for consistent drive depth
  • No hoses or cords
  • No electronics
  • No batteries
  • No combustion system
  • No cleaning required
  • No butane fuel cells
  • Zero emissions
  • Certified to international standards


Watch Airbow Concrete in action.

Click the image below to see how Airbow Concrete performs.


Powered by Hammerforce

World leaders in the field of high-pressure air technology, Hammerforce engineers are responsible for Airbow’s remarkable power and performance.

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1: The Airbow Compressor is an electric power tool and consequently does incur electricity costs. This is the only cost involved in generating high-pressure compressed air fuel for your Airbow Tools.

2: Compatible with flat headed drive pins – not compatible with any drive pin which has an elevated portion on the head eg: Hilti type drive pins. Refer to tool manual.