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Clean fuel for life.

Together, Airbow® tools and the Airbow 4500 psi high-pressure Compressor represent a world first: almost instant charging from a never-ending, sustainable fuel source. You’re looking at a future with minimal fuel costs for all of your Airbow tools. What’s more, our compressor keeps life simple, because it’s reliable and easy to use. You can also feel good about the fact that you’re not sending old batteries, empty butane fuel cells and powder charges to landfill.

Key Benefits

Your on-site fuel source.

Airbow brings you a new class of on site air compressor

Because you’re not locked into proprietary bundled fastener and fuel systems, this air compressor for Airbow tools will probably pay for itself over the course of your next house build, then the savings really kick in. Payback happens even faster if you’re working on a big project.

Tops up any Airbow tool.

As your collection of Airbow tools grows, you’ll only need one Airbow Compressor. Finally, a fuel source to power your Framer and your long pin concrete tool, or future tools Airbow develops.

Never run out of firing power.

When purchased with the detachable donor tank, quick-charging an Airbow tool takes 10 seconds or less. You can rapidly charge multiple tools in a row, with no waiting in between. The compressor has wheels and, with the detachable tank, it’s easy to charge your tools anywhere on your construction site.

Reliable, robust and safe.

Rigorous testing proves the Airbow Compressor’s reliability and toughness. It has a strong tubular metal frame and is completely enclosed to minimise damage on construction sites or during transport.

Quiet and easy to maintain.

Your work place is noisy enough, so we’ve designed the Airbow Compressor to purr quietly. You won’t even notice it’s running. Maintenance is next to nothing – no oil top-ups are required and cooling is built in.

Airbow Compressor


Purpose-built for Airbow tools.

The Airbow Compressor is capable of firing 8,000–10,000 framer nails per day and can support multiple tools on a building site. Here’s what you get:

Airbow Compressor from different angles

  • 10-second quick charge when used with detachable tank
  • Multiple consecutive charges
  • Protective housing
  • Wheels for ease of mobility
  • Removable, portable 5-litre tank

  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Built-in cooling system
  • Standard 10A 240V
  • Easily fits in a van or ute
  • Fully enclosed strong metal frame and body
  • Simple oil-free lubrication system and maintenance
  • Certified to international standards

Important safety information

Airbow tools can only be recharged with a high pressure air compressor that meets minimum filtration requirements. Oil contamination of air entering the tool must be less than 1mg/m3. Contact Airbow for further information.

Your Airbow Framer requires a source of high-pressure (4,500 psi / 310 Bar) air to operate. Attempting to connect your tool to a standard air compressor will not work (it is not capable of producing the required level of pressure). You may cause permanent damage and will void the warranty.

The recommended high-pressure compressors do not produce breathable air, so are not suitable for filling air tanks used with breathing apparatus, such as dive tanks.

Airbow users are required by NZ Regulations to complete appropriate filler training (links: Airbow Compressor approved filler training, Tuxing Compressor approved filler training) before attempting to top up their tools.

New Zealand regulations require that your donor tank undergo hydrostatic testing every ten years.

1: The Airbow 4500 psi high pressure compressor is not suitable for standard 120psi air tools

2: When used with detachable tank