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Your on-site air source

You’ll never run out of nail-firing power because your Airbow® Framer can be topped up at any time with a portable high pressure air compressor. Apart from nails, there are no consumables to worry about with Airbow.

Depending on your high-pressure compressor, you can fill your Airbow Framer in, literally, seconds. This means no more reliance on butane fuel cells, no more fuel cells going into the waste stream and no more expensive lithium ion batteries.

Due to not being locked in to proprietary nail and fuel systems, a high pressure air compressor could easily pay for itself in less than the average house lot of nails. Pretty soon you’ll be on the winning side of the equation.

Getting a compatible air compressor

Available from PlaceMakers, the TXES012M electric compressor is a robust, low-maintenance and portable compressor. It can be used to top up multiple Airbow Framers working at your site with the necessary high-pressure, high quality clean air. This compressor will also work for future Airbow tools as our range expands.

With the TXES012M, your first fill from completely empty will take about 10 to 20 minutes; but ongoing top ups will be less, especially for partial fills or quick top ups. You’ll find it convenient to recharge your Airbow Framer while you’re taking lunch or a quick coffee break.

With appropriate filtration any high pressure air compressor is capable of filling your Airbow tool. If you would like advice, please contact Airbow Systems.

The next generation Airbow High-Pressure Air Compressor, coming soon, contains its own on board accumulator tank, allowing your Airbow tool to be filled with good clean air in just seconds. Register here to be advised when it is arriving in stores.

Important safety information

  • Airbow tools can only be recharged with a high pressure air compressor that meets minimum filtration requirements. Oil contamination of air entering the tool must be less than 1mg/m3. Contact Airbow® for further information.
  • Your Airbow Framer requires a source of high-pressure (4,500 psi / 310 Bar) air to operate. Attempting to connect your tool to a standard air compressor will not work (it is not capable of producing the required level of pressure). You may cause permanent damage and will void the warranty.
  • The recommended high-pressure compressors do not produce breathable air, so are not suitable for filling air tanks used with breathing apparatus, such as dive tanks.
  • Airbow users are required by NZ Regulations to complete appropriate filler training before attempting to top up their tools.

Using the TXES012M air compressor: Video guide

Makes economic sense

Makes economic sense.

Air is free, so your initial investment in the portable compressor will soon deliver a great return – other than the cost of electricity to run the compressor, no-cost fuel for the life of the compressor.

Up to 300 shots per fill

Keep shooting nails all day.

When your Airbow Framer is fully charged, it can fire up to 300 nails. But with the next generation Airbow compressor (coming soon) re-charging your tool in seconds, you're not limited in how many nails you can fire as there is effectively no tool downtime. This is aided by the tool being able to accept a 60 nail collation strip.

Pressure gauge

Don’t run out.

The Airbow Framer’s pressure gauge gives you an indication of how many shots are left, so unplanned downtime doesn’t happen. We recommend you top up when the gauge shows 500 - 1,000 psi.

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