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No Mar Tip for Airbow® Framer

Reduce the risk of scarring, marking and denting your timber with the Airbow No Mar Tip. Made from a high-quality German polymer, the No Mar Tip just slips and clips over the nose of the tool. There is no need to remove or change anything on the tool – just slip the No Mar Tip on and you’re good to go. The resilient rubberised clip disengages easily when it’s time to remove it.

Available in bags of 3 from your local PlaceMakers store (PlaceMakers SKU #4572000).

Airbow Compressor Lubricant Syringe

Keep your Airbow Compressor lubricated with Airbow-approved grease (EP NLGI #0 Food Grade) for grease injector refill. Part #HPC-1060. PlaceMakers SKU #4913432.

Please refer to the MSDS for this product.

Additional Donor Tanks for Airbow Compressor

Complete with its own valve, fill line and boot, an accessory Donor Tank from Airbow lets you expand the flexibility of your Airbow Compressor.

With multiple Donor Tanks, you can split people across multiple construction sites while still only having one Airbow Compressor. Part #HPC-1050. PlaceMakers SKU #4913431.