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Builder using the Airbow Framer

About Airbow®

Airbow’s genesis occurred when a small group of builders in New Zealand were frustrated with the performance of their framing guns. Joining forces with talented Hammerforce engineers, they set out on a path of invention and improvement. Long hours and several prototypes later, they succeeded in perfecting the next generation nail gun.

Research, design and development are at the core of our belief system. We believe that it is the development of new technologies that allows us to challenge conventional design. It is this that has allowed the business to introduce the ground-breaking Airbow Concrete along with the Airbow Compressor.

An Airbow tool’s power is realised through the use of the Hammerforce valve actuation system, which allows our tools to direct small amounts of compressed air into a single impact point to drive nails home each and every time.

In order to create our tools, we trial multiple prototypes during core testing, and fire millions of nails using automated rigs. The resulting products deliver breath-taking performance. They are built to last and have no combustion systems, on-board electronics, batteries or cords. They don’t require a charger, fuel cells, powder charge or batteries. Without these, they’re strong, quiet and resilient, and using only compressed air, can deliver serious power while emitting only air.

By doing more with less, Airbow nailing tools support a company’s sustainability measures, making it easier to reach targets. We considered both the health of the builder and ongoing environmental impact when designing your dream tool.