AIRBOW<sup>®</sup> FRAMER

Air power like never before.

The AIRBOW® FRAMER harnesses a small amount of compressed air to deliver serious power. That’s all, just compressed, quality industrial air. And it does this completely untethered. It feels amazing to fire, it works in all weather conditions and it’s in the business of saving money. We have completely reimagined how a framing gun should fire nails.
The future of nail gun technology is here.

Watch: Introducing AIRBOW<sup>®</sup>

Watch: Introducing AIRBOW®

Think you’ve seen it all before? Think again. You’ve fired thousands of nails before, but never like this.

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Watch: Scott Brown Carpentry review

Watch: Scott Brown’s review

Don’t just take our word for it, see what Scott Brown Carpentry has to say about the AIRBOW® FRAMER.

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Powered by air

Powered by air.

When we considered the challenges this nail gun would rise up against, it was clear that only one fuel source would do. The AIRBOW® FRAMER is untethered and draws its power from the air like never before. The revolutionary new system is made possible by HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY®, which allows the gun to transform one gram of compressed air into a single impact point.

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Built for professionals

Built for professionals.

The AIRBOW® FRAMER is a chiseled, 100% air-powered machine with consistent nail-driving power that works first time, every time. With no onboard electronics and an IP56 rating, the AIRBOW® FRAMER performs in the rain, allowing projects to progress in all weather conditions.

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Emits nothing but air.

Emits nothing but air.

Moving to the AIRBOW® FRAMER means a departure from combustion system emissions, dumping of used fuel cells, or limited-life lithium batteries.

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Time is money

Time is money.

We designed a revolutionary nail firing system with no electronics, no batteries, and no combustion system. Your gun will spend less time out-of-action and more time firing nails.

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Never underestimate an AIRBOW®

One fire of an AIRBOW® FRAMER and you’ll understand how advanced this modern tool really is. Designed by engineers and builders, the AIRBOW® FRAMER works effectively in all weather conditions.

100% air-powered

100% air-powered

No electronics, no batteries, no cords, no combustion system.



When there’s work to be done, the AIRBOW® FRAMER can still fire nails safely in the rain.

Site safe

Site safety

Forget combustion emissions, work safe in wet conditions, and reduce noise on the building site.

Low operating costs

Low operating costs

AIRBOW® is 100% air-powered, and works with a wide range of collated nail brands.1

Watch the AIRBOW® FRAMER in action

The future of nail gun technology is here. Click the thumbnails below to see the AIRBOW® FRAMER in action.

An extension of your arm

As fierce to look at as it is easy to fire.

It looks different because it is different, right down to its core. Here’s why.

An extension of your arm

The AIRBOW® FRAMER doesn’t tip forward. It draws the centre of gravity lower, into the palm of the hand to create superb balance and an extremely comfortable firing experience.

Easy on your ears

From the first shot you’ll hear the difference with a mere 115dB peak decibel rating (Tested to EN 12549: 1999 and declared to EN ISO 4871).

Low kick back

Through smart design, the AIRBOW® FRAMER reduces pressure on the wrists, shoulders and elbows.

You’ve fired thousands of nails, but never with a gun like this.

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Our engineers are world leaders in their field and are responsible for AIRBOW®’s power and performance, through advancements in untethered compressed air technology.

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