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Airbow Concrete and Airbow Framer
The new force in construction

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Developed in New Zealand, the Airbow® system harnesses a small amount of high-pressure air to deliver serious construction power. No need for batteries or explosives, no power cord or air hose, no emissions, no waste to landfill and no weather restrictions on when you can work. Balanced and comfortable in your hand, our tools are in the business of boosting your productivity and reducing your impact on the environment. Airbow air powered tools take the concept of fastening guns into the future.

Built for professionals.

The concept of Airbow came from a group of New Zealand builders who were frustrated by the limitations of nail guns. Their experimentations with air tools in the invention shed led to a relationship with the NZ-based Hammerforce engineering team. The rest is history.

Powered by air.

When we considered the challenges our fastening guns will rise up against, it was clear that only one fuel source would do. Airbow tools draw their power from air using a revolutionary new system made possible by Hammerforce technology, which effectively transforms a small quantity of high-pressure air into serious power that drives a nail home consistently.

Ergonomically designed.

Airbow tools are deliberately weighted and balanced, so your framing or concrete gun feels like a natural extension of your arm. What’s more, you can look forward to less noise on firing and low kick-back, to reduce the risk of occupational overuse injuries.

The endurance athlete of the building site.

To support greater productivity, Airbow tools are weatherproof. They can perform in wet, dirty, dusty and sandy conditions, so projects can progress no matter what. With no electronics or combustion system, Airbow tools will never overheat and require significantly less downtime during use. You can also save money on consumables, because our guns don’t require proprietary nails or drive pins.

Airbow Compressor Close-up

The Airbow System

Clean power for all your Airbow Tools.

Never run out of firing power – the Airbow Compressor provides an almost-instant source of air for your Airbow tools via a 10-second quick charge.2 Airbow’s ecosystem uses Hammerforce technology, the only power source in the world capable of spanning the entire fastening landscape, including large tools that can fire drive pins into concrete.

Air is free.1

Your initial investment in the Airbow Compressor will soon pay for itself. Apart from nails, there are no consumables to consider when you’re quoting.

Fuels all Airbow tools.

One Airbow Compressor can fuel a whole construction site of Airbow tools. Multiple tools can be re-fuelled consecutively and remotely.

Globally award-winning.

Our innovative Airbow Framer has won major design awards around the globe, all within 12 months of its release. The Airbow Framer is powered by revolutionary Hammerforce technology, and the awards are great recognition for the Airbow and Hammerforce teams.

Good Design Award Gold Winner

Airbow Framer

Good Design Australia 2019

Category: Product (Commercial and Industrial)

London Design Week

Airbow Framer

London Design Week Awards 2019

Category: Product Design Industrial


Airbow Framer

International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) from IDSA (Chicago, 2019)

Category: Commercial & Industrial Products



Gives a lot. Takes nothing.

Moving to the Airbow system means a departure from combustion system emissions and the dumping of used fuel cells, limited life lithium-ion batteries and powder charges. We are proud members of The New Zealand Green Building Council and share the vision of New Zealanders living, working and playing in a sustainably built environment.



Saying no is now an option.

No butane fuel cells. No lithium-ion batteries. No powder charges. Airbow doesn’t use them, because it doesn’t need them. No proprietary bundled nails either – Airbow isn’t in the business of selling fasteners, so you can choose from a wide range of nail brands.

Saying no is now an option

Airbow products

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Airbow Framer

Airbow Framer

The framing nailer that saves time and money

Airbow Concrete

Airbow Concrete

Serious fastening power for concrete and steel

Airbow Compressor

Airbow Compressor

Fills your Airbow tools in seconds

Coming soon

In development

Future Airbow tools are currently in development

Powered by HammerforceTM

Powered by Hammerforce

World leaders in the field of high-pressure air technology, Hammerforce engineers are responsible for Airbow’s remarkable power and performance.

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1: The Airbow Compressor is an electric power tool and consequently does incur electricity costs. This is the only cost involved in generating high-pressure compressed air fuel for your Airbow Tools.

2: When used with detachable tank